Move with the speed of local experts. Discover market moving information previously hidden in local news and languages. 

A transparent and multi-framework ESG solution developed by a collaboration of domain experts and AI.

A novel ESG Framework Management System that allows for flexibility as frameworks evolve or change.

Powerful custom solutions that fit the needs of a diverse clientele.


Who are we?

The EMAlpha team consists of members with diverse backgrounds and experience covering Emerging Markets, Portfolio Management, Trading, and Machine Learning.

The team consists of domain experts in emerging markets with significant experience in fundamental and quantitative analysis. A number of our team members have PhDs in finance and hard sciences and have spent considerable time applying machine learning methods to the markets. One team member has been a recipient of the Thomson Reuters’ Starmine Analyst Award for ‘Best Earnings Estimates’ and ‘Best Stock Picker’. Another member has published highly cited papers in Theoretical Physics. We believe that a strong team with diverse backgrounds helps us craft a multidimensional approach towards solving the data and investment problems in front of us.




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