Sovereign green bonds: Assurance on use of proceeds is key to success

Synopsis: The green bond market has expanded rapidly in recent years, with interest from a large set of investors and issuance from a diverse group of entities. Large sovereign wealth funds focusing on sustainable finance and responsible investment have also joined the ecosystem. This has helped both supply and demand. This is also an opportunity for several countries to transform their energy fundamentals through the issuance of sovereign green bonds. While countries from the developed world such as Canada, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc. are already into sovereign green bonds, nations such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Slovenia, Hungary, and Thailand are also showing interest, initiative, and innovation in sovereign green bonds. Although encouraging, the next big challenge is to convince the investor community about the intended end use of the proceeds and educate them as to how the funds raised by the green bond issuance would be used solely for green objectives. The explosive growth in this space signifies that this will be an important area to watch out for and the ecosystem must be prepared.

The Covid-19 Induced Global Chip Shortage

When Covid-19 hit the world in early 2020, a pall of gloom hung over the global economy and uncertainty ruled the day. The future was pretty much unchartered and countries and companies around the globe started swinging in the dark. The current chip shortage is the result of the unexpected ways in which the global industries’ demand has played out for the chips.

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