A transparent and multi-framework ESG solution developed by a collaboration of domain experts and AI.


Focus on transparency that helps cut through the noise and confusion. From the beginning we have followed a transparent approach with emphasis on attributability. Every score can be attributed to company characteristics that contribute towards the final tally.

Flexible Framework

ESGAlpha’s approach allows for compliance with multiple frameworks post enhancements they require. We follow a basic natural language processing approach that is flexible and can be customized on the fly. Option to choose from available methodologies and different frameworks on the basis of what is important for an investor.

AI-aided, expert prepared dictionaries

EMAlpha leverages its many years of human expertise in emerging markets to develop NLP tools specifically relevant to decision makers and investment professionals looking at these countries. Our experts have painstakingly curated “seed” dictionaries for various themes that are further enhanced by AI methods.

Responsible investing and risk mitigation

ESG is a major concern for many EM investors. EMAlpha’s proprietary AI-aided ESG solutions are developed by experts with deep EM background. Long before COVID-19 induced rush towards ESG, EMAlpha developed its proprietary ESG dictionary for emerging markets investing.