EMAlpha Platform

Move with the speed of local experts. Discover market moving information previously hidden in local news and languages.

AI-aided EM alpha generation

AI-aided discovery and translation of local news flow removes barriers to investing and helps with timely access to information in multiple emerging markets. Domain experts and data scientists team up to make emerging markets more accessible.

Real time tracking of local developments

It can be hours or even days before important local language news makes its way to the mainstream media. Beat the wait, access local language information quickly to gain an edge and make swift and smart investment decisions.

Responsible investing and risk mitigation

ESG is a major concern for many EM investors. EMAlpha’s proprietary AI-aided ESG solutions are developed by experts with deep EM background. Long before COVID-19 induced rush towards ESG, EMAlpha developed its proprietary ESG dictionary for emerging markets investing.

NLP-aided market analytics & investment insights

EMAlpha’s news and unstructured data analytics tools generate high frequency inputs for investment managers. Thorough understanding of major market drivers combined with deep insights give fund managers an unparalleled edge.