EMAlpha Data

Discover a world of data hidden by language barriers until now. Let AI and human experts decipher the intricacies.

Find novel alpha opportunities in Emerging Markets.

EMAlpha translates local language intelligence, separates noise from signal, and delivers actionable data. The focus is on quality over quantity. Instead of subjecting the user to a flood of mindless data, EMAlpha’s solution provides actionable insights on items that matter.

Mutiple horizon data for different investment strategies.

We understand that different investors have different horizons of interest. A public markets investor and a private markets investor will act on very different times scales and care about different types of information. Accordingly, we have separated emerging markets news analytics and scores into different frequencies.

Track relevant market movers.

When it comes to emerging markets, the relevance of any given market development can appear confusing to an outside investor. Cultural differences and language barreirs can add to an investor’s challenges. AI techniques can help solve some of these problems and help investors navigate these opaque markets.

Enhance risk and return profile with EMAlpha data solutions

EMAlpha maintains paper portfolios invested in emerging markets stocks. Out of sample of these model portfolios is available to interested clients. We believe in maintaining a proper out of sample record of our data solutions to help clients gain confidence in our products.