EM Local Intelligence

Powerful custom solutions that fit the needs of a diverse clientele

Use EMAlpha NLP tools as per your requirements

EMAlpha’s language and processing tools can be useful for a diverse set of clients, including media, policy watchers and market observers. Often in emerging markets, the authenticity of data is a major challenge and ‘filtered information’ leads to misconceptions about the real situation on the ground. Analysis of local news with EMAlpha tools is useful and value additive.

Early Warning System

EMAlpha’s local language tools can identify red flags long before they become visible to others. The early warning system can help with risk mitigation in a variety of systems and settings: from risk management of financial portfolios to ESG solutions. By detecting and reacting to issues in a timely fashion, investors can decrease risk and increase returns.

Specialized NLP tools for emerging markets

EMAlpha leverages its many years of human expertise in emerging markets to develop NLP tools specifically relevant to decision makers and investment professionals looking at many of these countries. Our experts have painstakingly curated “seed” dictionaries for various emerging markets specific themes that are further enhanced by AI methods.

Customized foreign language solutions

Needs of different investors can be different. Some investors will be more focused on fast moving headline risk, others might be interested in a longer information cycle, yet another type of investor might want to monitor the gradual change in ESG scores. We can custom craft solutions suiting the needs of a particular client.