ESG’s significance for a company

As the ESG space evolves, guided by regulations and investor preferences, companies need to adopt a proactive approach on:

  • How the interplay between a company and its operating environment causes an impact and the opportunity it creates
  • How non-financial factors for an organisation play a key role in making financial impact and affects the long term business resilience

The changing ESG landscape for companies

  • ESG has become a critical compliance need as regulators are setting mandatory standards for companies to make ESG disclosures, especially regarding climate change
  • An increasing proportion of investors are not only adopting ESG, but also referring to different standards while investing and many of them are developing their own frameworks
  • Global warming, changing social norms and macroeconomic events can impact a company’s business. Companies need to work on mitigating the risks and capitalizing on opportunities

EMAlpha for Corporates

As the ESG space rapidly evolves, EMAlpha has meticulously merged the investment experience and domain expertise of co-founders and the team. With the efficiency of AI to help assess, mitigate, and capitalize on the ESG challenges and opportunities that companies are facing, EMAlpha plays the role of an enabler and an in-house ESG expert. From using ESG analytics for reporting assessment to keeping track of changes in popular ESG standards, EMAlpha’s solutions help corporates address all the critical ESG needs to make a positive impact.

Understand investor perspective

  • Help companies understand investors’ perspective on their ESG initiatives

ESG reporting assessment

  • Assess ESG reporting of companies and peer group to suggest meaningful improvement

Disclosure guidance

  • EMAlpha's AI-powered ESG solution guides companies on their ESG disclosures

Navigating the maze of ESG standards

  • Assist companies on the relevance of ESG frameworks and how to tackle them

ESG risks and opportunities

  • EMAlpha aids in mitigating the risks and benefit from the opportunities arising from changing ESG landscape

EMAlpha’s ESG value-creation

EMAlpha tracks global ESG developments that could have an impact on companies and their external environment. In spite of the major positive progress, ESG is often seen either as a compliance burden or only as a tool to attract investors. But that is myopic. While investors are certainly rewarding the companies performing better on ESG, the board and senior management could also use ESG for identifying blind spots, for a more nuanced understanding of associated risks and opportunities, and finally for taking the necessary action with conviction.


EMAlpha analyses relevant E, S, and G data for the companies


EMAlpha brings structure and sense to the information through data analytics


EMAlpha’s AI driven GUI compares a company’s ESG performance in absolute terms and vis-à-vis its peers

Risk mitigation

EMAlpha helps in more efficient risk management through a better understanding of ESG challenges

Spot opportunities

Because of the investment management experience of the co-founders, EMAlpha brings investors’ perspective on ESG

ESG disclosures

EMAlpha reviews a company’s reporting on multiple ESG standards