EMAlpha data has wide applicability. Use cases involve asset managers, hedge funds, risk and compliance divisions of buy side as well as sell side firms, and private market clients.

Hedge Funds

Hedge fund strategies focusing on emerging markets can greatly benefit from our data. Traders and analysts can gain more transparent and real time access to EM information at a granular level. Quantitative strategies can use EMAlpha’s sentiment and ESG scores for better alpha generation and risk control.

Asset Management

Asset managers can use EMAlpha platform and data to construct portfolios aligned with specific ESG goals. Our ability to generate ESG scores for multiple frameworks makes it easy to construct portfolios that adhere to custom frameworks. Asset managers can also monitor ESG factors on a real time basis using our data and platform.

Risk & Compliance

Monitor companies for ESG related issues and get early warning signals. Governance issues can be especially relevant for EM companies and as such EMAlpha data can be used to monitor such issues. Construct risk and compliance reports using EMAlpha’s proprietary scores and analytics.

Private Markets

Spot opportunities with easier access to information in opaque markets. Construct portfolios targeting specific ESG requirements. Diversify allocations based on textual analytics. Measure risk better in the absence of frequent mark-to-market. Use early warning system to mitigate risk.